Rajagobal: reveal the key to his team victory.

Infokito - Malaysia beat Indonesia 3-0 in the final first AFF Cup 2010, Sunday, December 26, 2010. To the media, Krishnasamy Rajagobal reveal the key to his team victory.

Rajagobal claimed to have instructed his team to play more offensive and aggressive from the start. But even to look good, many obstacles still facing his team to be lead in the first 45 minutes.

"Our problem is when in the opponent's defense, the players have not quiet in executing the ball," said Rajagobal.
"Players Indonesia also still believe in themselves and some times hit by the wing Oktovianus Maniani. Two players forward, Christian Gonzalez and Yong (Aribowo) is also quite dangerous," he continued.

After a 0-0 draw, Rajagobal admitted burning spirit of his players back in the locker room. "To say that my players want to win have to play offensive and aggressive,"said Rajagobal.

"After I said that, in the second half, they finally managed to get up and scored three goals to the goal of Indonesia. I'm really proud of my young players," he added.

However, Rajagobal ask players not to be complacent. In contrast, 54-year-old coach had warned his players to stay focused in the face of Indonesia's second final, 29 December 2010.

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