the story of Prophet Noah's boat in Lampulo Aceh

Infokito - That morning, motor tricycles carrying two passengers drove leisurely on the road to the fish landing sites Lampulo, Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. On the left side of the road, dozens of units of fishing boats lean on the wooden pier River (Krueng) Aceh where the water is colored brown.

Some are bare-chested fishermen busy knitting nets on board. No sailing vessel activity in Krueng Aceh on Sunday, December 26, 2010.

"Sir, why is there no sail boat this morning, the usual activities of the fishermen who go home or go to sea to catch fish in the morning as in other areas," said passenger motor tricycles claiming to be from Jakarta and central fill year-end holidays in Banda Aceh.

"Today, the fishermen throughout the province do not go to sea to commemorate the return of events tsunami six years ago," said Usman, motor rickshaw drivers.

The eyes of tourists were drawn to a house on which there is no different seunit boat boats that rely on these Lampulo TPI. "fishing vessel in the upper house of the people it is one evidence of the tsunami and those who call it a` boat Noah `a crashing ocean waves six years ago," said Usman.

Witnesses said six years ago, 59 people on a fishing boat that slammed into the mainland fishermen were saved in the tsunami, 26 December 2004. And the story of the tsunami victims were contained in a booklet written by 10 of 59 people who became a fishing boat passengers, six years ago. Paperback book is titled They Testify.

Abasiah, one of the survivors, recounts, when the tsunami reaches settlement in Lampulo with a height of more than one meter, fishing boats suddenly appeared in front of him. "At that time, our family is still inside the house directly to the outside, and without thinking to climb the ship who had been in front of us," he said.

Because the sea water that reached the mainland continues to escalate, some people come out through the upper house to reach the fishing boat. "That ship has many historic and saved from the tsunami," said Abasiah.

Abasiah, Lampulo residents whose homes were adjacent to the TPI was told early "Noah's boat" is perched on the roof of his permanent home. "Initially, I thought the boat was deliberately brought in to rescue people from the raging sea water crashing settlements," he said.

In the permanent houses that are still dwelling "Noah's boat" that, Abasiah not alone when the tsunami because there are children of Agin, Ghazi, Thoriq, Zalfa, and an adopted daughter, Yanti..

"From the upstairs window, I saw many fishing boats that float in front of the house with high speed, such as cars are pulled back and released," said Abasiah.

Abasiah story, then they are located on the second floor of building his house, and hold each other in prayer and remembrance as he apologized for "going to end a life. " "At that time there are no tears, but the frightened faces of remembrance as he continued to pray and hope there is help from God, if indeed we were given the opportunity to live," he said.

Once everything is above the "Noah's boat" that, Abasiah and other people continue the Koran, prayer, remembrance of Allah, besides watching the devastation of the tsunami diamuk, December 26, 2004. "We see fast boats that carry passengers island of Sabang, Banda Aceh can not be anchored and helicopters flying over," he said.

Witness another tsunami, Samsuddin Mahmud, confessed that he and some neighbors are the first group who climbed onto the "Noah's boat"was. "Initially we thought that the boat was deliberately brought in by the` angel 'to save people, "Gomez said.

Before boarding the boat, Samsuddin already in the claims neighbor's second floor houses the height of the floor over one meter and colored black. "When I was on the second floor of the neighbor's house, the water was shoulder-length. Then, suddenly seen the boat and we went scrambling aboard," he said.

The story of other survivors, Erlina Mariana Rosada Sari, relates that when the boat was, had successive waves crashing onshore and at the same time earthquake shocks are still felt. "The people in this boat continued to extol the call to prayer and praying. Only prayer and remembrance we can do in the tsunami, "he said.

Erlina states, from the boat witnessed the devastated house and land without a trace because it was filled with muddy water. Like the vast expanse of ocean.

"Noah's Boat" is no longer sail and stay upright leaning on the roof of a house in the village Abasiah Lampulo. In fact, no man's land. Now, the place was used as one of the heritage tourism assets of the tsunami.

"The boat was to be one tourist attraction that has meaning as a memorial of God, because by seeing these people can think about the power of a divine Creator who matchless," said Deputy Mayor of Banda Aceh Illiza Sa `aduddin Djamal.

"house boat" or "Noah's Boat" which is about two miles from the center of Banda Aceh was now a tourist attraction that appeals to tourists. Not only the residents of the archipelago, but also foreign tourists. Besides watching the physical evidence, the tourists can also listen to the stories of unique and magical event six years ago from tsunami survivors in "Rumoh Boat" or "Noah's Boat"is.

Keusyik (Kadesh) Lampulo Village Alta Zaini said the residents were ready to receive tourists who will visit tsunami sites. "Noah's Boat" which now lives on the second floor houses Abasiah it has about 18 meters, constructed of wood, and has now built a ladder to reach the inside of the boat

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