Berlin Cannibal Restaurant

Infokito - Before reading this article from the AOL site (angry mood ON), I think this restaurant really existed . Here's an article from the AOL site:

A grisly claim that a cannibal restaurant would soon open in Berlin turned out today be a hoax perpetrated by a German vegetarian organization, but it still left a disturbing taste in many mouths.

The elaborate ruse involved a high-gloss website that promised diners "authentic Wari cuisine" in the tradition of a once cannibalistic Amazonian tribe and offered "members" a chance to donate body parts, which the restaurant's purveyors would harvest at their own cost -- once they located "an open-minded surgeon."

In fact, it was all a stunt meant to promote eating cauliflower, not human calves, members of the German Vegetarian Association (VEBU) revealed Thursday during a press conference in Berlin.

Not brain, eye n finger
 "Mankind is facing a lot of global problems, like global warming, world hunger, rain forest destruction, water shortage and animal epidemics," said Sebastian Zoesch, director of the German group, which was founded in 1892 and today counts 3,000 members. "All these problems are caused or made more severe by a high consumption of meat," he told AOL News.

Their point: If the idea of eating human flesh turns your stomach, you ought to be just as disgusted over eating animals. VEBU claims the practice contributes to world hunger by diverting grain from human consumption to less-efficient meat production.

Roughly 20 news organizations showed up to the Tuesday morning event, Zoesch said, at the group's Berlin headquarters. The press conference had been advertised as serving samples of human flesh, but Zoesch said reporters nibbled vegan crepes instead.
source: AOL