Displaying special characters in blog

Infokito - Making an equation editor (math symbols) is not only for MS word or other software, but also for blog. However, we need special tricks, we need to change equation editor or let’s say as the special characters with the replacement notation or what IT people call its entity.

For example, to write a sigma symbol ( Σ ), you need to change with its entity, &sigma but remember, when posting the article, the position is Edit HTML not Compose.

Though, we can copy some characters directly from ms word but many characters that can be translated by browser so it will result unwanted characters. That is why; you need to change the special characters with their entities.

To translate special characters, use a special tool (parse html tools). Here I use blogcrowds parse html from the site. Very easy to use this tool, copy and paste the special code in the box provided, pressbutton parse

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  1. Friend, z33s online tool for HTML parse very easy loading.. try this