Women In Business

Infokito - For many people, traditional lending institutions and governments do not offer assistance to informal businesses or potential small businesses. Based on the fact that many of these prospective entrepreneurs do not have the skills or know-how to apply for the strict licensing requirements or tax filings that most of the cities require, many low-income citizens are limited because of a lack of capital, education, or resources to start a business. Particularly included in this segment of the population are women, who have the creativity and desire to begin a business but do not have the money to do so.

At Club Asteria, we assess local resources and connect our financial expert team with potential business clients for maximum success not only in the area of finance but in skills building as well. By evaluating the sustainability of the business model and the effectiveness in the community, we can set women up for achievement.

Many times we find that the proposition, while worthy, will not work in the economic environment in which the entrepreneur lives. Failure is not an option we want to entertain. While the idea for a business brought to us will not do, we encourage our partners to look into the many business opportunities we have for working through the internet. A daunting and overwhelming task for someone with limited education, we hold their hand, so to speak, offering training and support every step of the way.

By joining our team, our members become productive network marketers, using their own websites which we set up for them. It is an innovative idea that is supplying our members with additional income to fund their families’ needs but also gives women the opportunity to earn money at home while caring for their children.

One of the strongest testaments to our services is when one of our members spreads the news about Club-Asteria and the work we do to eradicate poverty and disease in areas almost forgotten by the outside world. Women are becoming the enablers in society and bringing hope to communities and to their families.

In Puno, Peru I met with a mother of three who joined our internet business team. She attended our entrepreneur educational seminar and appeared to be a good candidate for our program. Today she is making $200 to $300 per week. Such an income for her and her family is extensive and is more than she made in a year. We are currently finding ways to improve Club-Asteria’s marketability so that our members can make even more money to support their families.

I’m often asked why I would leave my prior career at the World Bank to join the Club-Asteria team. My answer is quite simple actually, “I wanted to give admittance to those who had little or no ability to capitalism. Opportunity should not be a monopoly but a chance for all.”

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